I had this place abandoned for a little while. The opening of conference season and my first real (!) own (!) seminar (!) had me quite occupied. But by now, the presentations are written, half the course is over, and the other half sufficiently prepared to dedicate some time to this space again. Maybe later on I’ll write about this year’s conference season, or about my experiences with teaching (there’d be a lot to say…!), or start an unfinished-books-reading list, but for now I rather work on a few things I wanted to publish here.

The first thing I came across months ago already, but especially teaching made me aware of how urgent it is. Over at The Golden Bork, there is this wonderful entrance about spelling names of famous anthropologists. It includes the all-time-favorites Geertz (it’s Gur, not Geer – sorry.) and Obeyesekere and many a french name (looking at you, anglophil-centered anthro-geeks!), but also Arjun Appadurai. Do not miss the comment section if you want to know how to say Bourdieu in english!

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