About Anthropolandia

Anthropolandia is a New Years Resolution. And it’s not, because it’s an old idea. It’s a way of experimenting with ideas about reading and writing, and a way of experimenting with what it could mean to “go public” with findings of social science research. It’s not just another science blog, and it’s not just another lifestyle blog – or that’s what I hope it won’t be.

Anthropolandia is meant to be a space for me to discover ways of writing that come easy to me, to get practice and to lose some of the fear that a white screen can induce. And it is meant to be a space of interaction, of asking questions aloud I don’t want to continue to discuss with myself alone anymore.

So what I intend to say with the subtitle is not so much that I believe that Anthropology shouldn’t go on blogs – I don’t – but point to the questions I ask myself when it comes to scientific writing, of how much professionalism is necessary, and how much flexibility is possible concerning content and form.

I am a PhD candidate at the University of Constance, Germany. I’m trained in Social and Cultural Anthropology at Free University Berlin, and graduated in Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies there. My interests, apart from reading and writing practice, include collective memory, memory politics and historical consciousness, recent Latin American history and politics, street art and graffiti, queer theory and higher education policy.
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